Color effects with LUTs in Lens Studio

Color effects with LUTs in Lens Studio

Color corrections are everywhere on Snapchat. A color correction can be thought of as a traditional Instagram filter; the adjustments affect the color tones of the image. Whether the color correction is itself a standalone lens or used as part of a bigger effect, there's no denying their popularity. Lens Studio has a whole list of built-in lookup tables, known as LUTs for short, to help you quickly add color corrections to your lenses. If the built-in LUTs aren't cutting it for you, it is also super easy to import and use your own.

Be sure to test your color effect on people with varying skin tones. Some LUTs that look good on people with lighter skin will sometimes make darker skin turn very orange. Lens Studio has done a good job of including both male and female individuals of various ethnicities in the preview panel. Use this to make sure your lens looks good on everyone.

Using the built-in LUTs

The easiest way to add a color correction is to use one of Lens Studio's built-in LUTs. It's simply a matter of choosing one from the list and adjusting the strength of the effect. If you are looking for a quick way to add some color adjustments to your lens, this is a great approach. The wide selection of LUTs means you can create some pretty great effects without ever leaving Lens Studio. Take a look at Emily's tutorial on how to do so.

Making your own LUT

If you are wanting to create your own color correction, Lens Studio provides a base LUT on their post effect page that you can download and use. They do provide some brief instructions on how to do that, but for a deeper look at how this is done, check out the following videos.

Creating your own LUT can be as simple as applying a VSCO filter. Once again we have Emily here to walk us through the process.

If you are coming from a photography background, you can use Lightroom to create your LUTs as demonstrated here by Natalie.

And if Photoshop is your jam, Mario can help walk you through the process.

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