Launching the AR Bootcamp Newsletter

Published 2021-02-18
Launching the AR Bootcamp Newsletter

I am launching a newsletter!

I've been having a blast creating this site and AR tutorials and want to continue to expand. I sometimes have information I want to share but I don't necessarily know what format to put it in. The newsletter will be the outlet for any information that doesn't quite fit the current structure of the current site.

I subscribe to a few newsletters, but I've never run one before. I'm hoping to keep it concise, informative, and humorous. Hopefully it will be a joy to read each week or month or however often I end up sending it out.

If you would like to join the newsletter, there is a signup form at the bottom of every single page. Since it is brand new the confirmation emails are often ending up in spam folders, so keep an eye out for that confirmation if you sign up (you won't receive the newsletter until you've confirmed you want to join the list).

Hope to see you around!