10 Delightful Instagram Filters for Halloween 2020

Looking to bring some Halloween chills to your Instagram story? Want to enhance your costume with a little augmented reality? Here are 10 awesome Halloween filters for Instagram to enhance your feed this year.


Need to cast a spell on someone? While this filter guarantees you'll look like you can cast a spell, I don't think there's any guarantee that your spell will work. But it's worth a try.

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Creepy Clown

What is Halloween without a creepy clown? And who doesn't have a friend who isn't terrified of clowns? Maybe you're that friend? Either way, this is the filter for that friend (or you).

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dark butterflies

Toning it down a bit from the creepy clown is the "dark butterflies" filter from Julia. While it doesn't scream Halloween, with the right costume or outfit it can definitely add a little flair to your look.

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Need another creepy look? How about no eyes? Ministry XR has you covered.

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Turn yourself into a Terminator-looking robot, complete with face transformation! Your mom might not look at you the same after you send her this.

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Add an air of mystery to your costume with a masquerade mask. It may not hide your identity, but it definitely looks cool.

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Spider Eyes

Eight eyes are better than two, isn't that how the saying goes? Tap into your inner arachnid with this filter to give you spider vision.

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This isn't the only filter out there that removes your face, but the extra effect of an infrared night-vision camera and flickering lines elevate this filter to the next level.

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Alien Disguise

Did things get a little out of hand when you raided Area 51? Did the aliens get a hold of you and possess your body? Oh, it was just me.

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cute pumpkin

And let's finish this list off with something a little more cute, but still with some Halloween spirit.

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