10 Incredible Snapchat Filters for Halloween 2020

Want to send some delightfully terrifying snaps? Looking for a creepy filter for your next Zoom call? Here are 10 Halloween themed Snapchat lenses you can try. All these lenses are compatible with Snap Camera so you can use them on Zoom calls! Just copy the link to the filter and paste it in the search bar in Snap Camera.


If you are looking for the "lab experiment gone wrong" look, this filter was made for you. Jericho also has a ton of other filters that would be perfect for Halloween, so be sure to check out his profile.

View more filters from Jericho Oneill


JP is a master of creepy and disturbing lenses. The blank eyes and empty mouth make this clown lens particularly terrifying. If this filter doesn't quite suit your fancy, I'm positive he's made something that will.

View more filters from jp pirie

Spider Eyes

If you are looking for something a little more subtle, then you might want to try out this lens from Ben.

View more filters from Ben

Candy Face

Got a sweet tooth? Cyrene's Candy Face filter should satisfy it! I mean, who wouldn't want a face made out of candy?

View more filters from CyreneQ


Nothing like a pale, disembodied head to add some spookiness to your Zoom calls! Rhonda definitely nailed that Halloween spirit with this filter.

View more filters from R͙h͙o͙n͙d͙a͙


Add an out-of-this-world look with Emily's Solar System lens! And if I'm not mistaken, Pluto is still included despite its demotion.

View more filters from emily <3


Haunt your friends or coworkers with "Ghost" by Marky Mark. Before you get your hopes up I don't think it's from Mark Wahlberg, but it's still a cool filter.

View more filters from Marky Mark


Maybe you are in the mood to cast a spell on someone. This filter won't help you turn someone into a frog, but it'll sure make you look like you can.

View more filters from Roman Jaquez

cute leopard

Not everyone is into creepy and scary for Halloween. Here's a cute filter to help connect you with your feline side.

View more filters from tyleeseeuh


Can you even have Halloween without vampires? Just make sure you stay away from garlic while using this one.

View more filters from Nikki Avail 🌙

Bonus - Corrupt Cyborg

I know the list says 10, but here's a bonus lens. Get that glitchy cyborg effect I know you've always dreamed of.

View more filters from Jonah Cohn

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