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Tutorial created using Lens Studio 4.1.1
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Don't skip me!

I know you are eager to jump in and get started, but bear with me. If you've never created a lens before, you are going to get stuck at some point. If you've created hundreds of lenses before, you are also going to get stuck at some point. As you go through these tutorials, there are going to be new concepts and ideas and you might need help. Fortunately there are lots of places to get help.

Look back over the tutorial

I myself am still learning a ton and watching tutorials. When something isn't going right, the first thing I do is rewind the tutorial to the last part where everthing was working, and rewatch the portion that is giving me trouble. Sometimes I missed an important step or I accidentally clicked the wrong button. If you run into any trouble, this is the first thing I want you to try.

Comment on the video

Each of my tutorials has an accompanying video version. If you run into any issues and can't figure it out, feel free to comment on the video and ask your question! Sometimes it might be a few days before I can answer, but usually I try to offer help within a day. Now, not all questions are suitable for YouTube comments. Something like "How do I add a face retouch?" is a suitable question because it has a straightforward answer. If it takes you more than a sentence or two to describe the issue or you need to share screenshots, the Lens Studio forum will be a better place to ask.

The Lens Studio forum

Lens Studio has an official forum. It's not the most active forum on the planet, but if you have a more complicated issue and need to share screenshots of what is going on, this is the place to ask. Members of the Lens Studio team will occasionally chime in, but also members of the community are able to offer help. If rewatching the tutorial doesn't help and it's not a quick question you can ask in a YouTube comment, this is the place to ask. As a bonus, if your question relates to one of my tutorials you can tag me, modelsbymike3d, in your question to make sure I see it.


Generally I recommend you first ask your question on the official Lens Studio forum. But, if you have a more technical question then you might have better luck asking on LAB by Popul-AR. This is an unofficial forum and does not have a ton of Lens Studio users, but if you have a scripting related question this is a good place to ask.

How to ask for help

This might be the most important tip for getting help. Ask clear questions. I often see people post things like, "It doesn't look right please help!" The problem with that is that someone now needs to ask a follow up - the original question does not contain any information that will help solve the problem. A better question would be, "I added a color correction post effect but the preview doesn't match what I was seeing in Photoshop. The colors seem too saturated." This question, along with screenshots of the lens setup, will probably get a quick answer that solves the issue. Try to make it as easy as possible for someone to answer your question.