Tutorial created using Lens Studio 4.1.1
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What we're making

In this tutorial series we'll be going over how to create a beauty/aesthetic filter for Snapchat from start to finish. If you've never created a Snapchat filter before, we'll be helping you every step of the way and have you creating your own lenses in no time!

Your computer

First things first, you need to make sure your computer is powerful enough to run Lens Studio. Chances are your current computer will be just fine, but I recommend looking at the Lens Studio system requirements for an up-to-date list of what you need. As of this writing, Lens Studio is only available for Mac or PC - it cannot run on Chromebooks, Android, iOS, or Linux. Just about any Mac or PC manufactured within the last few years will run Lens Studio, but the better your computer, the better Lens Studio will run. If you are buying a new computer and intend on running Lens Studio, please thoroughly check the specs of the computer. It is entirely possible to buy a new computer that was actually manufactured several years ago; even though the computer is "new" it might not be able to run Lens Studio.

Download and install

Once you've read over the privacy policy and whatnot, download and install Lens Studio. As I'm writing this, the current version of Lens Studio is 4.1.1. Lens Studio is updated every few months, so it's quite possible there's a newer version available as you are reading this. I always recommend sticking with the most current release; don't go looking for old versions. Lens Studio is always adding new features and very rarely removing or changing anything, so most tutorials will still be applicable to the newest version of the software.

Once you've finished installing Lens Studio, launch it, create a new project, and let's get started!