Helpful resources for Lens Studio

Helpful resources for Lens Studio

You don't have to reinvent the wheel. While it's great to learn how to do everything yourself, sometimes you have time or knowledge constraints. Here's a list of helpful resources created by the Lens Studio community that can help you quickly create awesome lenses. Snapchat themselves have created a ton of useful templates, but here we are focusing on outside resources. Use them, learn from them, and make something awesome! Read on to learn where to find Lens Studio scripts, templates, and more!

The OLC Github repo

If you aren't familiar with Github, it is a code sharing website. Software developers setup a repository (repo for short), add their code, and then others are free to use or contribute to the repo. Some of the Official Lens Creators (OLC) created a repo for sharing some helpful templates and scripts. Here you'll find anything ranging from a "Which are you?" template to a script that will cause an object to follow you around the room. You can find the OLC Github repo here.

Robin Delaporte's projects

Another great place for some starter projects is Robin Delaporte's Github repo. Here he's shared some interesting projects he's created. Definitely some cool stuff here to check out.

Physics with Ashley Fletcher

There is no way to natively simulate physics (e.g. a bouncing ball) within Lens Studio, so Ashley Fletcher got Cannon.js, a popular JavaScript physics library, working inside Lens Studio. This template may require a little more technical knowledge to use, but he does provide an example project with the physics in action. You can find his code and template here.


If you like making game lenses, then definitely checkout SheepWizard's Minesweeper lens. The entire project is available on Github so you can take a look at their scripts and their setup and learn a few things for your own games.


There is a good sized Lens Studio community on Reddit. Most of the posts are people sharing their work or looking for specific lenses, but occasionally someone will share a template or some other helpful resource. It's worth stopping by every so often to see what's going on.


If Discord is your thing, there's a Lens Studio Discord server you can join. Here you can find templates, tutorials, scripts, and you can ask questions.


This list is by no means all inclusive of the many great resources out there for Lens Studio, but hopefully it serves as a good starting point. Now get out there, learn, and give back to the community!