Kira Kira/Bling effect in Lens Studio

Kira Kira/Bling effect in Lens Studio

Adding the bling effect is not quite as simple as just clicking a few buttons, but it also isn't too hard to do.

Using the material editor

My favorite method is probably the material editor based method. Julien's tutorial is very clear and easy to follow. I think you will have to create a Discord account if you haven't already to download a few resources from his Discord server. One issue I ran into while following Julien's tutorial was that I tried to use a non-square GIF image for my bling image. That did not work at all and gave me a ton of issues. Make sure the image you are wanting to use is a square image and you'll be just fine.

This next tutorial appears to use a similar material setup to Julien's, but they don't go into detail as to how the material works, they simply provide it and explain how to use it. But, they do go over how to finish out the effect with optional grain and a color correction.

Using particles

You can also create the Kira Kira effect using particles, although with this method the sparkles will be random rather than associated with the edges of objects like in the above two tutorials. It's really just a matter of taste. A benefit to using particles vs the material editor is that you can add some motion to the sparkles which may be a nice effect depending on your style of lens.

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