Helpful resources for Spark AR Studio

Helpful resources for Spark AR Studio

Not sure how to script that feature you need? Getting lost in the patch editor? You aren't alone. Making augmented reality filters can be difficult, but there are lots of helpful resources out there that can make it a little easier. Here we are taking a look at some helpful resources you can use and learn from for your next Spark AR project. Spark AR of course has their own tutorials, but here we are looking at outside resources created by the community. Read on to learn where to find Spark AR patches, scripts, and more!

The Spark AR Community Github repo

If you aren't familiar with Github, it is a code sharing website. Software developers setup a repository (repo for short), add their code, and then others are free to use or contribute to the repo. Some members of the Spark AR community (which is also a good place to ask for help) have setup a few Github repos to compile various resources. Of note are the script snippet repo and the resource compilation.

Unofficial scripting reference

The official Spark AR scripting reference is not always the easiest to understand, so some members of the community created their own unofficial scripting docs. Now, some of the unofficial docs look to be exact copies of the official docs, and Spark AR is constantly making updates so some of the unofficial docs are out of date, but it is still worth checking out if you are running into issues with scripting. And if you get something figured out, feel free to contribute and improve the docs.

Josh Beckwith/Posit Labs

Josh has a ton of great resources for Spark AR. One resource in particular is his collection of blend mode patches. Spark AR doesn't have a ton of built-in blend modes, so these patches are definitely good to have on hand.

Spark AR Extensions

The Spark AR Extensions repo has some great patches for adjusting colors and a few other functions. Included are some example projects so you can play around with the patches and see how they work and what they do.

Spark AR Patches

If you don't mind the lack of documentation, Muhammad Syahman has a pretty sizable collection of patches you can explore and adapt.


You can also checkout the Spark AR community on Reddit. Lots of effect sharing and question asking with the occasional template or patch being shared. A good place to poke your head in once in a while to see what's new or to answer some questions.


This list is by no means all inclusive of the many great resources out there for Spark AR, but hopefully it serves as a good starting point. Now get out there, learn, and give back to the community!