Newsletter #21

Published 2022-06-29

This has been the year of the sporadic newsletter, so lots of old stuff in here as I catch up.

Memes really do come true

A few months ago Niantic bought 8th Wall and I waxed poetic about how they should lower their prices. Turns out they did in fact recently introduce a new developer friendly pricing tier at only $10 USD a month! They even used my meme in their announcement. I'll probably start making some 8th Wall tutorials in the near future now.

Meme of person riding a bike labeled as 8th Wall. It is captioned as them creating a great WebAR platform. The next panel has them shoving a stick into the front wheel of the bicycle and is labeled as pricing their product at $99 a month. The last panel shows the person and bike on the ground having crashed.

Lens Studio upgrades

Lens Studio has had a couple updates since my last newsletter, but my favorite new feature is the new Code Node in the Material Editor that lets you use GLSL code. Being a graphics programmer noob I usually turn to Shadertoy and follow Lens Studio's conversion guide.

P.S. Try my lens here

Preview of a lens using GLSL to create an aurora effect


Snap is also running a Lensathon. They have a top prize of $50,000 USD and you can enter until July 13, 2022. This isn't a US-only competition, it is open to most of the world. I am excited to see all the cool lenses people dream up.

Other news

TikTok's Effect House is still Mac only, Spark AR is still being updated at a snail's pace, and Snap isn't making any improvements to Snap Camera. So not much new. I suppose I should start making memes of all of them to get them to make some changes. Now all these memes are for changes I would personally love to see, but let me know if you have your own ideas and I'll get meme'ing. Tweet me @modelsbymike3d if you think of any great features we need.

A meme about TikTok's Effect House being Mac only A meme about how slowly Spark AR is adding new features A meme about how Snap created Snap Camera but stopped making improvements to it