Beginner Spark AR

Getting started with Instagram or Facebook filters and Spark AR? You've come to the right place! Our beginner level Spark AR tutorials are geared towards getting you started with the software. You can follow them in sequence or pick and choose what interests you the most.

Background segmentation the easy way in Spark AR

Changing the background on your Instagram and Facebook filters is fairly straightforward, but there is an easier way. Learn just how easy it is to add background segmentation in Spark AR and ensure it is compatible with 3D head decorations.

How to add grain to your Instagram and Facebook filters

Film grain is a popular feature of filters, and fortunately it is easy to add to your own using some free resources.

Make objects rotate around the head in Spark AR

In this Spark AR tutorial you will learn that making objects rotate around the head is super easy to do. All it takes is a little scene setup and the click of a button.

Easily create freckles using Spark AR Studio

Learn how to easily add freckles to the user's face using the Face Mesh!

Create an old-fashioned reduced or stuttered framerate in Spark AR

Learn how to create a reduced framerate effect to simulate the look of old film cameras!

Creating a Big Head effect in Spark AR

The "Big Head" effect is a pretty fun type of filter to create. It is pretty easy to make once you learn the trick of texture projection.