Beginner Lens Studio

Getting started with Snapchat lenses and Lens studio? You've come to the right place! Here you can find a list of beginner level Lens Studio tutorials. You can follow them in sequence or pick and choose what you want to learn. You'll be publishing your first effects in no time!

Introduction to Lens Studio

Lens Studio is Snapchat's tool for creating lenses. It's super powerful and super flexible. While it's been designed to be easy to use, here's a quick overview of how the software is layed out.

Create your very first Snapchat lens in 10 minutes

There's no better way to learn lens making than by doing! Get started with Lens Studio by making your very first lens!

Make your own color correction filters with LUTs

Color correction filters using LUTs (lookup tables) are super popular. Color corrections can be used to enhance the look and feel of a complex lens, or they can be used as standalone filters. LUTs are usually created using Photoshop or Lightroom, but for this tutorial we will be using the freely available Photopea.

How to add a tap-to-change feature with Lens Studio

Letting someone tap to change the background or a post effect is pretty common in lenses. Lens Studio does not have this feature built in, but we can set it up pretty easily with visual scripting.

Quicky and easily add grain to your Snapchat lenses

Film grain is a popular feature of lenses, and fortunately it is easy to add to your own.

Make objects rotate around the head using tweens

In this Lens Studio tutorial you will learn how easy it is to make objects rotate around the head using the built-in tween scripts - no custom coding required. All it takes is adding your objects and using the right settings on the tween scripts.

How to make a twerking lens for Snapchat using Mixamo and Lens Studio

If you have not made some sort of twerking lens, can you still call yourself a lens creator? Not to worry, we will go over everything you need to know in this tutorial! All it takes is a 3D model, Mixamo, and a Lens Studio template.

Tap to change the background in Lens Studio

Learn how to add a virtual background or green screen effect to your lenses using segmentation!

Super easy freckles in Lens Studio

Learn how to easily add freckles to the user's face using the Face Mesh!

Add disappearing messages to your Snapchat lenses

Learn how to add your username to a lens and make it disappear automatically!

Add a sharpening or "alt" effect to your Snapchat lenses

Learn how to add a sharpening or HDR effect to your lenses!

Add a dancing character in the sky

Seen the dancing Shrek in the sky filter on Snapchat or TikTok? Learn how to create your own version!

Create a reduced framerate effect in Lens Studio using the visual script editor

In this Lens Studio tutorial you will learn how to create a reduced framerate filter to mimic old fashioned film cameras. You can easily add this effect to any lens and we will use the new visual scripting editor in Lens Studio.

How to get help with Lens Studio

Need more help? There are lots of great places to turn to.