Beginner Beauty Lens Studio

Learn how to make your very first Snapchat filter with Lens Studio! Beauty and aesthetic filters are a great way to get started. They are easy to make and will help you get started on your lens creating journey!


Let's get started with Lens Studio! Lens Studio is Snapchat's tool for creating lenses. It is a super approachable, yet powerful piece of software. The first thing we need to do is install it.

Getting help with Lens Studio

Are you stuck? Whether you are creating your first filter or your thousandth filter, at some point you are going to get stuck. Fortunately there are lots of places you can turn for help.

Face retouching in Lens Studio

Learn how to add skin smoothing to your filter! Lens Studio has some great, automatic face retouching capabilities. All you need to do is add the retouching, adjust a few sliders, and you are good to go!

Color Corrections

Add a color correction or LUT to enhance the feel of your lens! A color correction is a nice way to enhance the look and feel of your lens. Color corrections are controlled by lookup tables, or LUTs for short.

Grain Overlays

Want to add some grain to your lens? Grain is a popular choice for lenses. It adds a more authentic or vintage feel and is super easy to add.


Customize the lens experience with some dynamic text! Snapchat already lets users add text to their pictures and videos, but you can also add text to your lenses if you need something like a timestamp or the user's name.

Tap Interaction

Put the user in control! Tapping the screen is a great way to switch between two choices in a lens or to let the user cycle through several choices. Learn how to do this using the behavior script and a tap to change script.

Previewing lenses

Learn how to pair your phone with Lens Studio! Testing your lens on your phone is a great way to double check everything and make sure there are no issues with your lens.

Lens name, icon, and preview

Give your lens a name! A good name, icon, and preview will help users know what your lens does and how it works.

Submitting your lens

Get your lens out there! Learn how to submit your lens and then start sharing it with your friends!