Intermediate Lens Studio

Have you mastered the basics? Itching to make something a little more advanced? You've come to the right place! Here you can find intermediate Lens Studio tutorials. They move past the basics and start to dabble in some of the more advanced concepts/ideas.

Multiple post effects in your Snapchat Lenses

Lens Studio does a really good job of setting things up behind the scenes so that you can focus on your lens. However, some effects will require you to manually create and adjust cameras, layers, and render targets.

Combine segmentation textures in Lens Studio

Learn how to combine two different segmentation textures into one unified mask.

Create the Time Warp effect in Lens Studio

If you have spent any time at all on Snapchat Spotlight, then you have seen the Screen Scanner Pro/Time Warp/Slit Scan lens in action. This seemingly advanced lens is actually super easy to make, you just need to make one small tweak.

Create customizable 3D text in Lens Studio

Lens Studio does not have native 3D text, but we can still fake the effect with some pretty convincing results! Learn how to use the Text Texture resource and a little scripting to create this effect!

Link an object's rotation to a facial expression

In this tutorial we'll go over how to control an object's rotation using facial expressions. We'll use the face expressions API to get an expression weight (e.g. how open someone's mouth is) and then drive the rotation of a separate object (e.g. the rotation of a jaw bone).

Tritone material in Lens Studio

Learn how to create your very own reusable and configurable tritone material in Lens Studio! Use it to convert any lens to only three colors.

Stencil effect in Lens Studio

Learn how to overlay yourself as a stencil in Lens Studio! This is a nice artistic look that does well when used in lenses.

Style Transfer with SnapML

Learn how easy it is to create a SnapML powered style transfer lens for Snapchat!

Make your own Potato Boss style lens for Snapchat and Snap Camera

Create your very own "Potato Boss" style lens using Lens Studio! Move beyond rigid 3D objects and learn how to add a little more motion and life to your creations!

Big Head effect in Lens Studio

Learn about using texture projection to project the face texture onto the head mesh!

Create an adjustable background blur/bokeh effect with Lens Studio

It's not too hard to add a blurry background to your Snapchat lenses for that portrait effect. But let's take it to the next level and make it adjustable!

Control a material parameter from a script

The material editor in Lens Studio is super powerful, but it is separate from the scripting system. In this tutorial we'll go over how to bridge the two and use a script to change material parameters.

Change the opacity of an image, color correction, or material with a slider in Lens Studio

Learn how to change the opacity of any image or color correction or material with a slider as we build a completely reusable script in Lens Studio!

Master the Tween Script in Lens Studio

If you need to animate anything inside Lens Studio - position, rotation, scale, opacity, etc. - the Tween script is your best friend.